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Our powerful and flexible Creditor's Ledger system enables you to setup credit terms and keep track of any supplier payments. It provides you with very useful tools to manage your cash flow and at the same time benefit from any available discounts.

Key Features

Our comprehensive and integrated Creditor's Ledger system provides the following key features:

  • Account maintenance masks with user access level for quick amendments
  • Purchase invoice posting electronically and / or directly through Invoice Posting routine
  • Cash posting and/or matching with Invoices
  • Full or partial matching
  • Automatic and manual matching
  • Inquiry screen for automatic account reconciliation, account and transaction details etc.
  • VAT summary and details to fill VAT returns
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual matching of Invoices with Delivery notes
  • Standard reports such as Aged analysis, Transaction listing, Due-payment report (cash out-flow) etc.
  • Creditors ledger report generator for end users to define their own reports

User Interface

Please select the links below to see some of the sample user interface screens:

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