Retail Management Solutions

IMC Systems Limited has over the years developed a comprehensive Retail Management System called Multisys™.

Multisys™ is a comprehensive and integrated Stock Management, Point of Sales, and Financial Applications Suite on SCO Unix and Red Hat Linux platforms. Other platforms may become available in the future.

Multisys™ Overview

Multisys™ is a software package that helps your company increase productivity and achieve business objectives. Multisys is designed to improve the efficiency of any supplier selling over a counter or by telephone and will fit almost any environment - from a single sales desk of a small stockist to a large multiple outlet retailer or wholesaler. Going well beyond traditional Point of Sale systems, Multisys is a comprehensive management information system. And above all, Multisys is e-Commerce ready and can be linked to your e-Commerce site or to an e-Marketplace to exchange and process electronic trading documents.

The powerful stock handling routines of Multisys, which form the core of this product, allow complete stock control from the supply purchase point right through to customer receipt of goods.

The software is modular and fully scaleable, making this one product uniquely suitable for the smallest business through to the largest multi location organisations.

The ability to select only the required modules makes this software suite a highly cost effective solution for all manner of businesses from full manufacture and distribution companies through to complex mail order and retail companies. It can even be effectively scaled down for a single store, or stand alone accounts office.

Multisys features following integrated modules:

The Multisys™ Architecture

Multisys™ software can be configured and networked in a variety of different ways, using a number of different operating systems. Where required Multisys can be combined with existing networks to give optimum solutions.

The preferred platform for Multisys is an advanced, 32 bit, multi-user, multitasking Unix / Linux Operating System, configured either as a client/server or serial system.

This choice of platform provides the fastest, most powerful and most stable networking environment known in the industry. The true multitasking nature of the Operating System is matched by the ease with which it can be configured for all LAN/WAN and serial applications.

This choice of OS also allows use of any of the common hardware platforms including the full range of Intel CPU based PCs, keeping hardware capital outlay and maintenance costs, to a minimum.

Multisys is e-Commerece ready. It uses XML technology to link the application modules with the e-Commerce sites and to exchange e-Commerce documents with trading partners through the B2B exchanges.

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